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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

What PKR Really Needs is Bai'ah Ta’lik

I have always been a firm supporter of “Baiaah Taklik”. I have never minced my word or taken an indirect approach in supporting the initiative. I think it’s one of PAS’s most brilliant invention to date. It’s brilliance is only rivaled by the invention of telephone and the vacuum cleaner.

Since people are looking only at results nowadays, “Baiaah Taklik” has managed to prove that it is the most effective tool in preventing representatives from being bought over bar none. Even the likes of Ibrahim Ali, who conducted Baiah Taklik, cannot act on his own conscience and jump into UMNO. I mean, what more can you ask for.

For those who is unaware of the concept of Baiaah Taklik, it is a vow taken by candidates to be of PAS that should they jump over to another party after winning, they will be cursed and their marriage will be nullified automatically.

Crude as it may sound, but it works. The say that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. And PAS has more than just put it in the eating. PAS digested it completely and produce by products of it in the form of stability and immunity from “rep-buying syndrome”.

UMNO has been given the finger by PAS with this routine. For once, UMNO has been tied up and thrown into the sea. They have been checkmated. They went eyeball and eyeball with PAS and they blinked.

In short, UMNO is screwed with this move. The Kelantan state assembly in 2004 saw PAS having to rule Kelantan with a majority of one seat. Yet, PAS remained in power until the very last day of the Kelantan State Assembly dissolution.

So, what more proof do you need. I say, let’s do away with all the ideals and do what’s necessary. These are trouble times for Pakatan Rakyat and the last thing we want to do is to be idealistic.

Besides, for Baiaah Taaklik to work, it requires the approval of both husband and wife. It’s not a one way street. It’s by the agreement of both parties.

To go around the Baiaah Taklik, UMNO had to engineer a maneuver that requires PAS to completely remove itself from Pakatan Rakyat and join up with UMNO. I mean, it’s easier for UMNO to buy reps than to do something like that simply because they will be up against the mighty wrath of the entire PAS membership.

And I am glad I wrote the article about Salehuddin Hashim. He is indeed a bad man and Anwar Ibrahim made a mistake putting his trust in this man. He is PKR’s cancer and getting rid of him was the best thing PKR could do.

I mean, what do you expect from a man who accused the Selangor State Government of corruption because the MB intervened and refused to allow him to be appointed in one of the GLC’s Board of Director.

In closing, lets all put our bias and ideals behind and start looking at what’s practical. When PAS attacked on this issue, everyone jumped the gun and vilify PAS. Calling PAS insensitive to women and children. Who’s eating the humble pie now?? Wink wink.

Tulang Besi


Anak Bugis said...

To whom may concern..
You can jump ship..you can give ample of excuses, but one for sure you can't be trust anymore because of your status.. PARIAH....


There are 2 things you pointed out that I have to agree with. One is 'baiah taklik' the very own PAS brainchild and the other is unfortunate knack of DSAI 'bawa kera letak atas pelamin'. Just like Saiful's case. He has so many young & ambitious PKR loyalists to choose from as assistant. why Saiful and who was he ?. However, there is still time to recuperate.

Awang Dogol said...



Dulu hang ajaq orang supaya jangan mempunyai sipat 'WALA'". Tapi la ni hang ajaq orang jilat balik ludah hang tu...Otak hang dah 'spin" ka? hang ajaq orang lagi teruk dpd "WALA'"...malah sampai nak "BERBAIAH".

Kah...kah...kah....awat la hang ni terok sangat. Takkan nak berpolitik sampai nak "berbaiah" teruk macam tu. Ini politik la TB woiiiii.....Politik boleh berubah dpd masa ke semasa laaaa... Pendapat dan pendirian parti dan seseorang jugak boleh berubah laaaa. Tengok keadaan la.

Jadi, tak payah nak berbaiah2 la. Hampa tengok Ibrahim Ali....dia ada pendirian dia sendiri....kalau dia tak suka dia lompat parti lain...itu hak dia sb dia pandai tengok suasana. Orang nak pilih dia masa PRU akan datang .... itu hak rakyat....

Jadi....hampa toksah nak membebankan diri dengan berbaiah2 lah. Ini politik saja lah....Politik ni macam judi jugak.....ada nasib untung menang.....ada nasib tak untung....kalah.


mankeldai said...

benda ni bidaah, tetapi jika untuk kebaikan ia menjadi harus!

Anonymous said...

wei awang bangang
org takdek pendirian adalah org paling dibenci dlm masyarakat
ko sokong laa org tkdek pendirian tu
smemangnya bangang
sapa sokong ibrahim ali mmg bengong
org yg tk tetap pendirian macam tue nk sokong
skjap sokong pas skjap sokong umno
mcm nie nk jadik pemimpin
klau dlm perang jeneral camnie dh lama lingkup dah
tk layak jadik pemimpin

Anonymous said...

baru aku tau (padahal da lame da tau) nape PAS masih lagi kekal sbg wakil PAS walaupun Nik AJis berkali2 mengeluarkan "fatwa" yg jelas menyeleweng dgn ajaran Islam..

Baru la aku tau nape Nik Ajis begitu berani mempersendakan wakil2 PAS yg ingin melihat Melayu bersatu hatta Presiden Pas sekalipun kerana beliau tau mereka akan tetap bersama PAs atas dasar Baiah yg dilafazkan..

tak pasal2 bini nanti jadi janda..kang janda plak mintak nafkah harta RM4 million, sape tak haru wei?

adakah org BN or UMNO memerlukan Baiah juge? disangkakan lompat masuk ke kandang kambing, tetapi rupenya termasuk kandang babi, jd melompat balik ke kandang lembu..(Adun Bota)..


Anonymous said...

Any organization must accept the fact that its employees may at one point or another will opt to search for a greener pasture.
And letting go of an asset that you have groomed and flourish under your wing is not an easy task. But it is also not right to attempt to hamper or block these potential people from leaving.

To force someone to take a pledge that will ensure them not to leave one’s party is downright unacceptable.

After all, a leader should be able to influenced, leave a legacy, and prepare for his successor to take over his place.

Awang Dogol said...


Tulang Besi bangang bangang bangang..

Muka dah lah macam penagih dadah..tak pun jawa banjar bodoh..



C2 said...

Anon 12:57 adalah Awang Dogol palsu

C2 said...

Macammana aku tau?? sbb aku lah Awang Dogol..aku nak cover JUBO aku yang dah terbarai tu.. huhuh

C2 said...

Anon 1:39 adalah C2 palsu

Anonymous said...

Saya nampak komen2 di atas banyak bersifat kurang waras apabila membuat ulasan. Sewajarnya ruang2 maya seumpama ini adalah media untuk perbincangan bukan membuat serangan peribadi atau medan untuk maki hamun. Ternyata ramai lagi hanya menggunakan blog untuk melepaskan geram saja. Masih kurang cerdik. Apakah orang2 ini penyokong2 PAS ?

Awang Dogol said...

Aku UMNO dan suka jubo2..so WHAT!!!!!!

C2 said...

Anon 6:13 adalah Awang Dogol palsu