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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Akramshah Sanusi Exhibits What is Wrong with the Malay Psyche

Firstly, I don’t know why Akramshah claims himself to be “educated”. I mean, being educated and having an education are two very different things. In order to be educated, one has to exhibit certain qualities and virtues. One cannot simply claim that one is educated. One has to earn the right to claim oneself as educated.

His article Torched Churches... Reaping What Is Sown could easily be construed as an articled written by a New York street bum. There isn’t anything “educational” about it at all.

The part I like the most is when he tried to explain the phases of what he calls “Malay Anger”. The phases he explained is very much inspired by the 13th of May incident (though he doesn’t mention 13th May, but Malays usually will refer to the incident when talking about issues with racial content).

But, most Malays do not realize that the reason for Malay disenfranchisement before 13th May is mostly due to UMNO’s continuation of the former colonial “lazzer faire” economy. UMNO made a choice not to start affirmative action program for Malays right off the bat from Merdeka. Yet, when their failure is out on the open, they blame the Chinese. And the Chinese had to bear the brunt of Malay frustration.

So, naturally, when the issue of Allah name came up, narrow minded Malays like Akramsyah Sanusi can turn to nothing else but the “Malay Anger” mentality usually inspired by the 13th May incident. It somewhat gives a sense of justifications for Malays to act rationally and with reason. Akram is no exception.

What’s abhorring about Akramsyah rantings is that he is using Islam as a justification. When until now, there has been no Islamic injunction prohibiting the use of the term Allah for Christians. In Egypt for instance, the Church of Alexandria has been using the term for about 1000 years. Yet, the oldest Islamic seats of learning, Al Azhar, has never issued an edict prohibiting Christians from using the term.

What motivates me to write this piece is the need to separate what Akramshah stands for with real Islam. It is my duty to Islam to explain to the masses that what Akramsyah stands for has nothing to do with Islam. Akrahmsyah is trying to prohibit what Islam doesn’t prohibit.

And he is masking his “Malay Superiority” ideology with what he claims to be Islam. In truth, there is nothing Islamic about what Akram stands for. His anger and emotions are driven by his Malay nationalist ideology, which is prohibited by Islam.

And an “educated” man can easily differentiate between Malay causes and that of islam. This is something Akram has completely fail to do. No wonder he is in the same bandwagon as Mahaguru58 in an autocratic organization call “Muslim Blogger Alliance”.

My reason for bringing up the May 13th incident is to show you how UMNO manipulates Malay emotions to stop Malays from using reason in their action. Uncontrolled emotions has helped UMNO many times throughout the history of Malaysia in their quest to hold on to power.

To this day the Malays continue to blame the Chinese for the pre 13th May Malay disenfranchisement. Yet, the real factor is UMNO’s failed economic policies caused it. Why? Because of the “Malay Anger” Pavlovian mental conditioning applied by UMNO on the Malay mass. That’s why UMNO had to kill off Utusan Melayu back in the 60’s in order to get the Pavlovian conditioning a success.

Evoking these emotions is usually UMNO’s last straw and it usually works in the past. However, this time around, Allah Al Mighty has failed UMNO’s plans and machinization. It seems whatever they’ve done has backfired.

Maybe Akram can explain how the “Malay Anger” can help to rescue our fledgling economy. The fact that oil money is slowly running out and that our economy is not looking very promising in the future should be explained by Akramsyah Sanusi.

The negative coverage throughout the world on this issue is shaming Malaysia. In Indonesia, Islamic leaders are laughing at Malaysian Muslims for making an issue of of this. It shows how trivial the Malay mind can become under the leadership of UMNO. And chief spokesman to Malay trivial mentality is no one else but Akramshah Sanusi.

So, no Akram. You have no right to claim that you are educated. All I know, the money paid for your expensive education might as well have been flushed down the toilet. IT makes no difference at all.

I know beggars on the street of Kansas City who thinks better than you, Akramshah.
Please stop all these racists rantings. It’s not Islamic and it’s stupid. Besides, you lineage are not even Malay. They Achehnese. Achenese do not speak the Malay language.

So my former classmate Akramsyah, you're everything but educated. More likely indoctrinated rather than anything else.

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AbgTuah said...




mankeldai said...

akramsyah adalah contoh pencacai umno yang telah memperbodohkan dirinya demi ketuanan melayu yang sumbang!

Anonymous said...

Funny you mentioned Kansas City since you talk about racist in America. Obviously you did not live in US, perhaps you just study there. Nevertheless, you are the educated one. i guess...

Harris said...


Anonymous said...

This Akramsyah chap is no better than a bastard. Despite the majority of educated Malays in this country do not aligned with umno mentality, he still likes to talk craps and thinks he is educated but only to find himself actually in deep shits.

Anonymous said...

Akramsyah is a racist & doesn't practice his religion properly..
a real muslim wouldn't be encouraging more violents towards the churches in M'sia... isn't it true that even in a time of war, house of worships can't not be harm..! if u can't even follow yr own teachings.. why bother u sad excuse for a human being..! do u really think Allah would be please with this..! you're just another Umno lapdog..( sorry i know dog haram.. but Umno should be too )