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Monday, January 11, 2010

UMNO’s Responsibility In The Firebombings Of Churches Is Undeniable

No matter how hard UMNO tries, they cannot wipe their hands clean from the strings of firebombings of churches all over the country. They simply cannot.

Najib and UMNO leaders were forced to go on damage control mode, visiting the Tarbenacle Church in Wangsa Melawati and offering RM500k to rebuild the church. Then, Hishamuddin threathened to use the ISA on anyone linked to the church firebombings.

But, then again, people are starting to question, wasn’t it UMNO who escalated the issue to unnecessary levels? Wasn’t it UMNO owned media flashing implicit racist messages by various UMNO and Malay leaders on an issue that is never an issue all over the Muslim world?

Wasn’t it UMNO and Najib who openly says that they cannot stop a demonstration that is clearly laced with racist and sensitive messages?

In short, UMNO made an issue out of a non issue. The church fire-bombings is a direct consequence of UMNO fanning racial and religious sentiment over the “Allah Name-The Herald” issue. To put it simply, if UMNO had just stick to the facts of the case, then they will see that the issue is actually a non issue.


An email I received, shortly before I was kicked out by the Pro-Tem President of a Pro Tem organization called “Muslim Blogger Alliance” led by a figure who calls himself Mahaguru58.

Apparently, the meeting was also attended by the likes of Rocky Bru and Nuraina Samad, figures who has always been seen as liberals. Please bear in mind that the meeting was held last year. In other words, UMNO’s resistance against “The Herald” has been on record since last year and not something new.

Among the principle attendee of the meeting are high ranking members of JAKIM and the great Dato Zahid Hamidi himself. The issue of “The Herald” using the term Allah is apparently HIGH on the meeting’s agenda.

I tried to put some sense in the MBA by writing articles stating the futility of their cause and that Islam permits the usage of Allah for non Muslims. But instead, Mahaguru58 kicked me out of the forum without offering a single explanation. So much for calling himself a supported for the Islamic cause. Where type of Islam is he trying to exhibit by kicking me out without any reason offered? A classic example of a hypocrite (munafik).

An excerpt of the email can be seen below :

The full text of the email sent to me by Mahaguru58 can be read at the bottom of this blog entry.

What’s also funny is that the President of MBA has also admitted to be following a Sufi sect deemed to be deviated by JAKIM. Yet, JAKIM still treats the Mahaguru58 as their ally. Funny, how pragmatic people if JAKIM can become.


The main aim of this issue is to make PAS feels awkward in Pakatan Rakyat and force PAS to join up with UMNO in the spirit of brotherhood and protecting Islam. The key component towards making this campaign a success is PAS’s support.

But, thank God All Mighty that PAS managed to see through UMNO’s deception and lies. They managed to shave off tempatations from the likes of ABIM whom had once been responsible in tricking PAS into working with UMNO before ( remember the talk on Palestine between Ustaz Fadzil and Dr Mahathir? It was all ABIM’s handiwork and Dr Mahathir and UMNO got all the benefits from the meeting).

This time around, ABIM made a jackass of themselves and failed to get PAS to join them. Their call for battle is not even resonating with UMNO’s rank and file. Their demonstration is poorly attended and UMNO members largely stay away from ABIM’s activities.

PAS should stop becoming ABIM’s tool for pleasing UMNO. ABIM is virtually unknown unless they can get PAS to dance to UMNO’s tune. That is the only way ABIM can stay afloat and remain relevant.

With PAS’s rejection of UMNO’s battle cry, the plan is already dead in the water. I guess someone in the organization forgot to tell everyone that the party is off. The firebombed occurred on the eve of the demonstration. The plan went ahead as planned and it work in favor of Pakatan Rakyat instead.

The firebombings has given UMNO a very bad name. Their already bad image among Non Muslims in this country got worst. The so call rallying cry among Muslims also fell to deaf ears. No Muslims in this country will act in the name of Islam unless it is with the leadership of PAS. And PAS has decided to lead the way in forging dialogues and two-way communications with the Christian communities instead.


That’s right. The Malay support they had hopes for didn’t materialized. Meanwhile, the Non Malay support will suffer even more. I believe no moderates among non Malays would even want to share the same bus with UMNO.

And UMNO will never be able to shake of the perception that they are clearly responsible for this incident.

To make things worse, media from all over the world are covering the Church Firebombing thus reducing the image of Malaysia to a 3rd world despot country where racial strive is common. And all European media are covering the incident with great interest in just about all European languages. Malaysia is now seen as an intolerant country in several languages throughout Europe.

Think of the effect this will bring to the country’s economy, who is already in dire straits even as we speak. Thanks a lot, UMNO.

Finally, the time is right to reject UMNO unequivocally. There is nothing we can hope for from UMNO and Barisan Nasional. The one issue that UMNO has benefited so much electorally from Merdeka is stability among various races and religions is not shown to be false. UMNO has lost every single credibility they have as rulers of Malaysia. They are now Malaysia’s biggest liability.

Tulang Besi

[muslim-bloggers-alliance:766] Mahaguru58 and other Bloggers Dialogue with the Minister in charge of Islamic Affairs, PM's Department
muslim blogger alliance X
Repl MAHAGURU58 Assalamualaikum dear MBA members. I was invited to a closed door meeting with...2/14/09
MAHAGURU58Loading... 2/14/09

show details 2/14/09

Assalamualaikum dear MBA members.

I was invited to a closed door meeting with Datuk Seri Dr. Hj. Ahmad
Zahid Hamidi, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department and in
charge of Islamic Affairs, Government of Malaysia day before yesterday
at the Shangrila Putrajaya. The meeting took place at 9pm at a
designated meeting hall in the exclusive hotel.

The invitation to me was relayed by Rocky Bru @ Ahiruddin Atan,
President of All Blogs to discuss amongst many other topics, the
problem being created by the publishers of the Malaysian Roman
Catholic Magazine 'Herald' who remain obstinate in using the term
'Allah' to represent their idea of God in their Malay section of their
Christian magazine.

Fellow blogger Nuraina Samad who blogs at http://nursamad.blogspot.com,
the daughter of National Laureate, Allahyarham Tan Sri Samad Ismail,
was also there and two other bloggers who wish to remain anonymous.

Also attending on behalf of the Malaysian Government's side was Dato'
Hj Wan Mohamad bin Dato' Sheikh Abd.Aziz, the Director General of
JAKIM, the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia, Dato' Hj
Ibrahim bin Lembut, the Director General and Chief Syarie Judge of the
Syariah Justice Department of Malaysia, Datuk Dr. Syed Ali Tawfik Al
Attas, the Director General of IKIM, the Institute of Islamic
Understanding Malaysia and other top officials of the Ministry
( Islamic Affairs, Prime Minister's Department).

The main subject of discussion centred upon the Minister's wish that
the Malaysian Bloggers especially those of us here in The Muslim
Bloggers Alliance led by me together with All Blogs under Rocky Bru
join forces with the Ministry (Islamic Affairs) and support JAKIM,
IKIM and other related Islamic Affairs Departments to help clear the
misunderstandings being unleashed upon the Malaysian populace by those
who have vested agendas against Islam and the Muslims of Malaysia by
creating this wave of controversy by pushing for such unheard of
demands before to use 'Allah' for their obviously unIslamic
publications, etc.

The Minister has been following postings done by many of us in the
Malaysian Blogosphere and supports the good work that most of us do to
help fight against the enemies of Islam through our respective blogs.

He admits to regularly read me too and also said that many of his
fellow ministers support me and those of us here in the Muslim
Bloggers Alliance.

Rocky Bru and Nuraina Samad are at the moment embroiled in engaging
the Islamophobes out there in our volatile Malaysian blogging scene
and have asked me to join forces with them in clearing the air about
what our stand is against the Christian Catholic magazine usage of
'Allah' to describe their distorted idea of God when in truth they do
not preach what Eesa Alaihis Salam himself preached that is to worship
none other than Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala?

We discussed many things and amongst the ideas mooted was my idea to
first and foremost register our MBA and after that to launch a 'Mobile
Dakwah Unit' national team where we would be using a 3 sided open
panel van to travel to most major cities and rural areas.

Volunteers would then stop these Mobile Dakwah Units at places to be
chosen in major towns and public fields.

We would after Isya' prayers start screening informative documentary
films about what Islam truly is and to help the public gain truthful
information about our Islamic faith.

The screening will be done using projectors and utilize mobile
projection screens when needed or use the area's building walls when

Airing informative documentaries through the broadcasting channels
doesn't attract on the field interactions such as what I proposed to
the Minister and the JAKIM, IKIM and Syariah DG's?

We need to return to the basics and approach the public face to face.

We can then after screening such films and documentaries attend to and
answer any questions posed by the public as far as matters such as the
Hudud Laws of Islam, the subject of apostasy as in the cases of Lina
Joy, Subashini and others, this usage of Allah by the Christian
Catholic Herald Magazine, and other matters which are being
misunderstood by the majority of Malaysians, both Muslims and
Disbelievers alike?

By using this direct to the people approach, we will then also be able
to distribute booklets, brochures, informative DVD's and other Islamic
Information material for free to the general public.

The Minister supports this idea of mine and asked me to coordinate
with JAKIM, IKIM and the Syariah Justice Department to work out the

As far as the monetary needs are concerned, the Ministry will help
where it can and Datuk Seri Dr Hj Ahmad Zahid Hamidi asked that we
here in the MBA come up with about 40 dedicated bloggers whom he wants
to join him and the other top government officers in a meeting to
discuss this matter proper.

He also said that he wishes to have those of us who attended the
meeting at Shangrila Putrajaya to be ready to have an audience with
His Majesty, the Yang Di Pertuan Agong soon to address this current
situation where Islamophobia has been festering for quite some time
without the decisive corrective action be taken by those before him?

Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi also asked that we work in tandem
with one another and not to let the cat out of the bag for now for we
have enemies both in and out of the ummah.

I am sharing this confidential development with you who are subscribed
to and registered with the MBA in total trust that you will not
disclose about this meeting between myself, Rocky Bru, Nuraina Samad,
those two other bloggers and the Minister and others especially the
Director General's of our nation's top most Islamic Departments
because I need to select and choose those who are willing to be
amongst our top 40 MBA delegation to be invited to the next meeting
with the Minister and others.

I am also giving you notice for each and every MBA member who is
registered with us to update your details in the member profile.

I am going to update the official MBA website with a list of every MBA
member with links to their respective blogs for the general public to
access and view them.

I need each of you dear MBA members to email me with your full list of
personal details for at the moment we do not yet have a proper working
committee to prepare all these.

I know that most of us are terribly busy with our own work and
personal life's but this is Fardhu Kifayyah as far as I am concerned
for the future of our ummah here in Malaysia depends on what we choose
to do in order to see to it that our Deen is protected from the evil
designs of our enemies out there, both declared and covert.

You need to be courageous and be firm when speaking up for Islam.

I need you to be with me in seeing to the proper registration and
formation of this Muslim Bloggers Alliance.

Today, we have come to be recognized as a legitimate representative of
the Muslim Bloggers this side of the world.

The Minister himself has given us his blessings and we stand to be
able to contribute officially as an Islamic NGO and do what we can for
the ummah and the nation using our collective pool of thoughts and
ideas to help our fellow Muslims and Malaysians in general.

I ask that you please email me your full details as per the usual
necessary details needed for registering your membership here in the

1. Full name
2. Full blog address
3. Email address
4. Contact Mobile Number
5. Gender
6. Age
7. Profession

We do not have a secretary yet.

For now it is all up to me and Brother Ades has graciously set up and
sponsored our main website. He himself is quite busy with his studies
and I do not wish to burden him unnecessarily.

I'm okay with the setting up of this MBA on my own for now but when we
are all ready to meet and set up our office in actuality, I hope that
those of you who are able to will come forth and do your part by
assuming ownership and taking responsibility for the running of the
MBA proper.

I do not wish to see this MBA die with me. I need you to carry on
after I'm no longer around or unable to if I'm to live to be old and
grey in the real sense of the word. :P

Please resend me your details here to my emails :


Remember, keep this info contained in this email confidential.

I trust you to hold to this in the Name of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

Wabillahi Taufik Wal Hidayah.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "MUSLIM BLOGGERS ALLIANCE" group.
To post to this group, send email to muslim-bloggers-alliance@googlegroups.com
To unsubscribe from this group, send email to muslim-bloggers-alliance+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com
For more options, visit this group at http://groups.google.com/group/muslim-bloggers-alliance?hl=en


Anonymous said...

I believe no moderates among non Malays would even want to share the same bus with UMNO.

Anonymous said...

pas ni dah la jadi barua dap dan pkr, lepas tu sedap2 dia je tuduh orang bakar gereja, apa pun anwar yang bakar gereja tu untuk divert isu liwat dia...


Anonymous said...

terang lagi bersuluh. ini lah JUARA RAKYAT.

Anak Bugis said...

Only Umno supporter and members will go to this extend because their are a easy to provoke when anything about Malay Supremacy involved and not because of Islam itself, this is happened because like Umno their are Malay Extremist..

Anonymous said...

Betul ke cerita ini? Sama2 Lebai PAS duk kata mengata dan masing2 tudh pihak lain cakap bohong, macam mana nak percaya cerita ini pula.

PAS==susah dah nak percaya lagi.

Anonymous said...

Nasib baik PAS dah matang. Umno kena cuba lagi, jangan putus asa walau apa cara pun, berkahwin dengan PAS.

Kalau PAS enggan nikah, bawa PAS kahwin lari naik bus expres pi Selatan Thai buat akad nikah.

Umno kena ushar Pas lebih ler...masuk kelab poligami buat promosi poligami mungkin boleh berjaya....Selamat Mencuba kepada Umno.

Richard Loh said...

Please read the two speeches by PAS and umno Presidents one day after the Church bombing and the protest at the mosque and take this poll:

Poll : Which Party Do You Trust And Are More Sincere When Talking About Islam To The Non Muslim Malaysians

Anonymous said...

why was the email in english since it was for Malay bloggers??

any explanation from tulang besi??

tpac said...


i have long to read your blog. the reason massacre in Gemechih Negeri Sembilan, i believed has been wiped out with the unneccesary stories of churches being bombed. from KL to selangor to sarawak. the 'brillian' Musa Hassan even came up with "new clue".

please find out what happen in Gemenchih. 3 old folks and yound lady being murdered brutally is more to tell the church being bombed.

We need clarification and justice RPK.

Anonymous said...

Najib monggol ni memang seorang yang banggang dan bodoh sekali. Dia pasang jerat, akhirnya dia juga yang terkena jerat tu. Bodoh, bodoh, bodoh punya mat monggol ni. Dah berak tengah jalan tak mahu cuci pula. Celaka punya bangsat.

Anonymous said...

Anon January 11, 2010 4:27 PM, jgn rasist sgt.bcoz all here can read in malay or english bukan mcm mat2 songkok UMNo.jawi pn failed

Anonymous said...

Godam ABIM nampak? Dah baca ke hati ABIM?

Dr`Joe said...

It's sickening to see after 52 years of Merdeka, the leaders of this country are still fanning racial sentiments. The evidence is just overwhelming.


Anonymous said...

Conspiracy? wow!

Anonymous said...

Come on la dr joe. It took thousand years for white people to let loose of racism. What r we talking about here? 52 years. Even in America, still you have racism. And it's freaking obvious too... perhaps you went there as tourists or because of the Obama thing. Come on, get real. Look at the statistics of their voters.

Anonymous said...

ha..ha anon 13,2010 2:40PM...u statistician ke? American historian ke? thousand years konon, kah,kah,kah...kalu ye pun, cuba explain nie, Obama, orang negro mix bole jadi President, the most powerful man in the world, Malaysia bole ke? Yg I tau, dalam sejarah M'sia, cuma seorang bukan Isalm/Bumiputra aje pernah naik jadi top man, itupun masa peralihan kuasa.

Anonymous said...

Still, i see no evidence saying UMNO is the one responsible behind the church arsoning incident..

nothing in the email (not even a tiny bit) expressly implicate UMNO as the one who are responsible towards the arsoning...

this is simply a pin made by Fuckatan Riot...

You guys are garbage, scum and maggots...