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- Tun Abdul Razak, Dewan Rakyat (12hb. November, 1975)

Sunday, October 05, 2008

MP shares surname, address with Filipino

Sabah Progressive Party (Sapp) parliamentarian Eric Majimbun got a rude shock recently when he discovered that he shared the same surname and address in a MyKad allegedly belonging to a Filipino illegal immigrant.

The two men are not related nor do they know each other.

eric majimbun mykadAccording to a Sapp statement, the questionable identity card carries the name Jerome Majimbon with the address of Kampung Pomotodon, Jalan Kionsom, Inanam.

In Sabah, people are regarded as having the same surname despite slight variations in spelling.

Majimbun said he does not have any relative with such a name and the people in Kampung Pomotodon are unaware of the existence of a ‘Jerome Majimbon' in his village.

And it came to an even greater shock for Majimbun when he learned that the man in question was a Filipino illegal immigrant whose real name is Jerom Maguil.

The Sapp MP wants answers from the Home Ministry and the National Registration Department (NRD) on how the man had obtained the identity card, or MyKad, bearing the number 560930-12-5739.

He added that he had written to the Home Ministry secretary-general but has yet to receive a reply.

The parliamentarian did not reveal how he came to know about the questionable MyKad.

Majimbun cited his own case to support his contention that the issuance of dubious MyKads in Sabah was widespread.

He said that one of his constituents was relegated to permanent resident status despite being born in Sabah long before the state joined the Federation of Malaysia.

"How is it possible that a Malaysian who has been here for years is denied a MyKad and citizenship and yet there are many cases of foreigners who obtain MyKads through dubious means?"

He urged the government to set up an independent body to investigate the issue of such questionable MyKad holders.

Probe Dramatic Hike In Sabah's Population

Majimbun said there were many complaints regarding discrepancies in the issuance of MyKad by the NRD in the past, but nothing was done to fix the problem.

According to the MP, the problem had been going on for more than 30 years.

"We should have a computerised monitoring system but, since it is too late now, we should start at the beginning."

Although it had been suggested that a royal commission to probe the matter would be a good idea, this had been rejected by the government.

"We have the Sabah Registration of Births and Deaths Ordinance 1953 which states that all late registrations have to be done in court proceedings through a first-class magistrate," said Majimbun. "But has this really been done?"

The peeved parliamentarian reiterated his call for a probe into the whopping 285 percent growth in population in Sabah over 30 years.

He said according to the 1970-2000 census, the population in Sabah increased from 636,431 to 2,449,389 (285 percent), compared to Sarawak's 106 percent (from 976,269 to 2,012,616) and Peninsular Malaysia's 113 percent (from 10,439,430 to 22,202,614).

Majimbun, who is Sapp deputy president and MP for Sepanggar, is one of the party's two MPs who have left the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition.

He heads the party's foreigners and MyKad issues bureau.

Syor BN jadi parti politik tunggal

KUALA LUMPUR: Presiden Parti Progresif Penduduk (PPP) Datuk M Kayveas, berkata Barisan Nasional (BN) perlu menjadi parti politik tunggal kerana parti berasaskan sesuatu kaum tidak lagi sesuai di negara ini.

"Sudah tiba masanya BN mula berbincang sama ada ia perlu menjadi hanya satu parti. Perlu ada perbincangan khusus untuk membincangkan perkara ini supaya BN menjadi lebih relevan dan popular serta disokong setiap orang.

"Kita perlu tukar cara politik di Malaysia dengan pendekatan satu suara untuk semua rakyat. Kita nampak sekarang jika disuarakan untuk satu kaum saja, ada banyak rakyat tolak (cara itu)," katanya kepada pemberita selepas mempengerusikan mesyuarat Majlis Tertinggi PPP di sini, semalam.

-Berita Harian Online

TP - kah kah kah kah kah... parti tunggal ke "BABI" tunggal..? kah kah kah kah kah... terus terang la necik Kayveas... jangan main sindir-sindir la bacha... ini orang susah mau faham punya... kasi sharp-sharp trusss... aku tolong kasi betul ayat hang tuh...

-Syor BN jadi BABI politik tunggal... amacam... boleh?

Two U.S. helicopters collide in Baghdad

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Two U.S. Black Hawk helicopters collided while landing at an American combat outpost in northern Baghdad on Saturday, the U.S. military said.

One Iraqi soldier was killed and two American and two Iraqi soldiers were injured, military spokesman Lieutenant Patrick Evans said in an e-mail to Reuters.

"Two UH-60 Black Hawks have crashed while landing at Combat Outpost Ford in (the northern Baghdad district of) Adhamiya about 8:55 p.m. Baghdad time (1755 GMT) this evening," he said.

"The situation is under control. Emergency services are on the scene. It is unknown how many were on board at the time of the incident. Enemy fire is not suspected at this time."

A Reuters television cameraman in the Sha'ab district of northern Baghdad, near Adhamiya, said he saw two helicopters circling overhead. The engine of one of them made a thudding sound as it lost altitude and crashed.

The cameraman said he heard an explosion after the impact, followed by the sound of shooting.

Iraqi police confirmed the crash. They gave no further details, but said clashes had broken out between Iraqi security forces and gunmen near the crash site.

But the U.S. military said the crash had taken place at its base and it was not aware of any clashes in the area.

The incident was the second major U.S. military helicopter crash in Iraq in weeks. Last month, seven U.S. soldiers were killed when a transport helicopter crashed in southern Iraq in an incident the military blamed on mechanical failure.

RPK’s wife: It’s about the detention, not the food

TAIPING: The detention of Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamarudin under the Internal Security Act (ISA) should not be sidetracked and turned into an issue concerning food served at Kamunting.

“The issue here is not the food. You have detained him under the ISA although you have already charged him with sedition.”

“The focus is: why the detention?” Raja Petra’s wife Marina Lee Abdullah said yesterday after visiting her husband.

She was responding to Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar’s call to Raja Petra to inform the authorities if the detainee could not stomach the food served at the camp. However, she said it would be good if the camp authorities could give her husband dates that did not have weevils.

Marina said that Raja Petra would be attending his sedition trial at the Sessions Court in Petaling Jaya tomorrow.

During her 45-minute visit, Marina Lee said she spoke to Raja Petra, who is under solitary confinement, over a telephone and could only see him through a glass screen. He is allowed out of his cell from 7am to 7pm but confined to the block where his cell is located and not allowed to mingle with other detainees, Marina said.

She added that she was not allowed to give him home-cooked food during the visit but could pass him three books per visit.

On what he had to say to his readers, Marina Lee said her husband urged his readers to keep supporting the website, adding that the website was now on autopilot.

-The Star Online

MIC will not push for a pre-Deepavali release of Hindraf 5

IPOH: The MIC will not pressure the Government to release the five Hindraf leaders who are detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) before Deepavali, said its president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu.

Stating that he would be meeting Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar soon to discuss the matter, he said he could not specifically mention Deepavali as a timeframe but would leave the Government to make the decision.

“We will not decide on the time frame as that can only be decided by the Home Minister,” he said.

“We will just ask for an early release.”

“We do not want to unnecessarily intrude into his authority and work,” he told reporters after opening an MIC rebranding workshop here yesterday,

The MIC is hoping to get the Hindraf 5 -- M. Manoharan, P. Uthayakumar, V. Ganabatirau, R. Kenghadharan and K. Vasanthakumar -- released after being detained for organising a public rally last November.

Samy Vellu also ticked off those who chided the party for seeking publicity using the Hindraf issue, adding that MIC was a big and strong party.

On the issue of stateless Indians in the country, Samy Vellu said the party had prepared a detailed report on it to be presented to the Cabinet Committee on Indian Community Development, which is chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

He said that the party, through the MIC-owned Social Strategic Foundation, had helped to obtain citizenship for 200 stateless Malaysians between 1999 and 2008.

“There are, however, still 1,000 unsolved cases,” he said when commenting on calls by the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) for a special task force to look into the problem.

-The Star Online

Najib urges reforms within Barisan

KOTA KINABALU: Barisan Nasional has to change to meet the aspirations of the people or be prepared for the people to change the coalition, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.

The March general election showed that the coalition must make reforms and implement policies to meet the expectations of the people, he said.

“It is a clear message that Barisan needs to be proactive to meet the people’s needs and reforms are already taking place as announced by the Prime Minister,” Najib told a Sabah Barisan Hari Raya gathering last night.

“We will continue to be sensitive and open to the needs of the people,” he said, adding that Barisan was still relevant and could deliver the change the people expected.

“If we don’t have the courage to change then people will change us,” he said.

Najib said that among steps needed to be taken were to ensure that the country’s wealth was distributed fairly to all regions and people and to plant seeds of a value system whereby all communities irrespective of religion would work together.

Taking Sabah as an example, he said that despite its multi-ethnic and multi-religious society, the people were relaxed and open to each other’s cultures.

“I feel that we will not have a problem and the proposed Race Relations Act is not necessary. What is needed is a value system and not a legal system,” he said.

-The Star Online

Pulai chief mulls running for Umno No 2

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 5 - Umno Pulai chief Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed, who audaciously asked Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to quit after the March 8 electoral debacle, is joining the slowly crowding race for the party deputy presidency.

The two-term Pulai MP's advisers floated the idea with him at his family Hari Raya dinner last night in light of Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Datuk Seri Ali Rustam's declared interest in the post.

"Umno needs to consider making a generational change in leadership. I want to represent the younger generation who will succeed Najib," Nur Jazlan told The Malaysian Insider.If he does get the 39 nominations for a tilt to be the Umno No 2, the 42-year-old chartered accountant will be the youngest candidate thus far for the post that brings in tow the country's deputy premiership in a Barisan Nasional government.

Umno supreme council member and former Youth chief Zahid is 55 while vice-president Ali is 59. A candidate for the deputy job needs 20 percent of nominations from the 191 Umno divisions.

Nur Jazlan is defending his divisional post against his deputy and was said to be eyeing a supreme council seat until the two announced their intention to replace Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak who is set to take over from Abdullah next March.

Abdullah, whose June 2010 power transition plan has been shredded by the supreme council last month, is now not likely to defend his post.

The strong favourite for the deputy presidency is still vice-president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, 61, who said he will decide after Abdullah's announcement. At least four divisions have said they will nominate Muhyiddin.

Nur Jazlan, who joined Umno in 1988 at the behest of his father - former Umno secretary-general Tan Sri Mohamed Rahmat - was an Umno Youth exco member between 1996 and 2004, when he first stood in Mohamed's Pulai stronghold.

"Why not? Any Umno member can offer themselves for any post," Mohamed told The Malaysian Insider when contacted about his son's candidacy.

Nur Jazlan was tipped to be the Johor Mentri Besar earlier this year but Umno decided to keep him in his federal seat in the March 8 polls.

Umno officials expect a few more to contest the No 2 post after Abdullah's expected statement to step aside before divisional meetings begin on Oct 9.

Only Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has said he will contest the Umno presidency thus far but Najib is seen to have a better chance of winning the post and become Prime Minister.

Up to 15 are expected to contest for the three vice-presidential slots opened up by Muhyiddin and Ali's expected tussle for Najib's post.. Another vice-president Tan Sri Isa Samad was stripped off his post when he was found guilty of money politics.

Party officials also forecast some 100 candidates will vie for the 25 supreme council seats.


Ismail Kassim knows Malaysian politics better than most

SINGAPORE, Oct 5 - Many people believe that Malaysian politics is on the verge of a major change, with the opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat taking power from the ruling Barisan Nasional.

But Ismail Kassim, 65, is not holding out for it.

On the political battle between Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat that is playing out across the Causeway, the former Straits Times' Kuala Lumpur correspondent says that the most optimistic scenario is that the race-bound structure of politics will change and give way to
multiracialism and a two-party system.

'The opposite would be that things will continue as usual,' he said.

'I think, to me, it is more likely to stay the same, or maybe get slightly better, because the fundamentals of Malaysian politics haven't changed much. If you look at it, the main problem that is affecting race relations and alienating people from the ruling front is religion. This
will not go away even if Pakatan Rakyat takes over.'

While more than a decade has passed since he left Malaysia as a Straits Times correspondent in 1995, the retired Singaporean journalist has kept abreast of political developments there.

For more than 20 years, he reported almost all the major events in the country and interviewed almost every politician and social activist of any note. He won the inaugural Asean Awards in the field of Communication in Bangkok in 1987 for his coverage of Malaysian politics.

He has now woven his experience of covering Malaysian politics into a 314-page book titled A Reporter's Memoir: No Hard Feelings. It will go on sale later this month.

While the book does not touch on the Malaysian political scene now, it does provide insights into the key players who are still around. One example is Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, leader of the opposition coalition, who is portrayed in the book as someone ruthlessly ambitious, with good
public relations skills and a flair for the dramatic.

Knowing his character, Mr Ismail believes Mr Anwar is now bluffing when he says he has enough defectors from Barisan Nasional who will join him to form a new government.

The self-published book also documents his life as a former teacher, soldier, reporter and unionist.

A Malay with Indian-Chinese roots, Mr Ismail came from a middle-class family. His father was a clerk in the Postal Services Department (now known as Singapore Post) and his mother was a housewife.

He, his four brothers and three sisters grew up in government quarters in Anthony Road before moving to a double-storey terrace house in Monk's Hill Terrace.

He stumbled into political journalism 'accidentally', although his interest in the field was sparked when he was a student at Raffles Institution.

Back then, the school was in Bras Basah Road, and instead of going home after classes, he would occasionally walk to the United States Information Service Library near Clifford Pier to pore over Life and National Geographic magazines. As he flipped the pages, he fantasised
about becoming a foreign correspondent one day.

In 1961, however, he went into teaching. He did his pre-university studies on his own in 1965, and obtained his Higher School Certificate (the equivalent of today's A levels) the same year. He enrolled at the then University of Singapore two years later.

In 1972, after completing his Master of Social Sciences (Political Science), he joined New Nation, an afternoon tabloid which ended its publication in 1982.

He began writing a regular column on politics - first on Malaysia, then on the region, and later on international affairs - which propelled his career and helped him to carve a niche as a political commentator.

'At that time, there were things happening in Malaysia, so I thought, what better topic? Nobody was writing about Malaysia then,' he recalled.

For a couple of years, he was an armchair critic, relying on regional newspaper reports and his political science knowledge from his university courses to get by.

In 1975, he was sent on his first assignment to Kuala Lumpur to cover an Umno Youth division meeting to protest against the jailing of their leader, Datuk Harun Idris.

He recalled how he had finished his interview with the leaders at midnight and had to write his story in the dim light of a third-rate hotel in Jalan Bukit Bintang, which was a red-light district at that time.

The report turned out well, and from then on, he started making lightning visits to Malaysia to do stories.

When he was transferred to The Straits Times in 1982, he continued to report from Malaysia, living out of a suitcase in one hotel after another for several years before finally settling down in a rented apartment.

By 1993, he had covered at least 12 Umno annual general assemblies, four general elections, umpteen by-elections, racial tensions and all sorts of crises, so much so he almost became 'a little emotionally involved', he said.

Cheong Yip Seng, who was the editor of New Nation and The Straits Times when Ismail was still with the papers, told The Sunday Times: 'His best work during his journalistic career with us was his coverage of Malaysia. He's a very well-regarded observer of the Malaysia scene. As a
journalist, he was serious, he wrote well and he wrote with insight.'

During his time in Malaysia, he also began to feel what he calls in his book 'the winds of Islamic religious fervour'.

More and more women in Malaysia were voluntarily covering up their heads with the mini-telekung, a kind of shawl that covers up everything except the face, while their male counterparts opted for a loose gown called the jubah.

It made the self-confessed religious sceptic wonder if the spirit of the religion was giving way to its form.

'Religion can be a force for good. But it can also be a double-edged sword. Some followers may think that everyone has to pray to God in one way and those who don't do it are wrong, and they force people to practise the way they do,' he said.

By the early 1990s, work had started to take a toll on him. He also grew 'a little bored' with Malaysian politics. So in 1995, just three months before his 53rd birthday, he ended his illustrious journalism career.

He went on a six-week tour in Europe and returned to live in Kuala Lumpur.

But a year later, he decided to return to Singapore for good as he knew he would 'never be happy as a Malaysian'.

'I am someone who cannot keep my mouth shut when I see something disagreeable happening. In Singapore, as a citizen, I have the right to express my opinion at any time on any issue. I cannot do it in Malaysia, even if I become a permanent resident or a citizen,' he said.

The bachelor bought a three-room HDB flat in Marine Parade and lives modestly on his savings.

In between learning Mandarin and qigong, he took 10 months last year to work on his memoir. The first draft was completed in December.

Asked if he has any plans to write another book, he said: 'At my age, I don't want to think too much. I still love to write but I will take things one at a time. If I get inspiration, I may write a book on qigong.'

While some may see a contradiction between Islam and qigong, Ismail thinks otherwise.

'If you look at the broad picture, there is no conflict. Qigong deals with the present world, while religion deals with the next world,' he said.

'The basic principle of qigong is the belief in qi, which means universal energy. Qi does not discriminate against anybody; whether you are Malay, Chinese or Indian, it's freely available. Everybody can learn how to cultivate qi. There is a saying: Religion divides, spirituality unites. I
must add that qi also unites.'

Harga barang keperluan di KL naik mendadak

KUALA LUMPUR 4 Okt. - Harga beberapa barangan keperluan di sini dikesan naik mendadak sejak sebelum sambutan Hari Raya Aidilfitri sehingga hujung minggu hari ini.

Tinjauan Mingguan Malaysia di Pasar Pudu di sini hari ini mendapati antara barangan keperluan yang mengalami kenaikan harga ialah cili hijau dijual RM10 sekilogram (harga asal RM7), daging RM17 (RM15), ayam RM7.50 (harga siling RM7), ikan kembung RM10 (RM8), kacang panjang RM5 (daripada RM3) dan cili kering RM10.50 (harga asal RM6).

Seorang suri rumah, Asmah Abdul Majid, 44, berkata, belanja untuk barang keperluan rumahnya semakin meningkat sejak kerajaan menaikkan harga minyak Jun lalu.

"Kalau dahulu, kita boleh beli sayur-sayuran, ikan dan barangan keperluan lain cukup untuk seminggu hanya dengan belanja RM100, tetapi kini ia berlainan sekali. Semuanya perlu perancangan teliti," ujarnya.

Pendapat itu turut disokong oleh seorang lagi suri rumah, Faridah Mohd. Jaafar, 46, yang mengatakan kenaikan itu turut melibatkan minyak masak, telur, daging lembu import dan ikan bilis.

"Saya berharap kerajaan mempunyai cara untuk membantu rakyat mendapatkan kembali harga barangan yang berpatutan," ujarnya.

TP - Aku pulak berharap agar urusan pertukaran kerajaan dipercepatkan sebab yang pastinya KERAjaan yang ada sekarang memang tak mampu nak buat apa-apa pun...

Yang pastinya KERAjaan sekarang akan "memberi alasan" harga barangan terpaksa dinaikkan kerana bla bla bla manakala pengguna pula akan dinasihatkan supaya "berbelanja dengan bijak"... ala... banyak tahun dah depa dok pakai taktik yang sama...

ni semua bengong-bengong belaka nih...

Khak Ptuih..!

Hadi: Hindraf action a democratic right

KUALA TERENGGANU: The Pas chief said the action by the the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) at the prime minister's and cabinet's Hari Raya open house on Wednesday was part and parcel of democracy.

Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang said it signalled a change in the democratic practices in the country that should be viewed positively.

"I don't think it was rude. That's democracy. In the United States, people demonstrate in front of the White House. It's not like they caused a commotion or started fighting," he said after the party's Hari Raya gathering at the Tarbiyyah headquarters yesterday.

In the incident on the first day of Hari Raya, Hindraf supporters went to the open house at the Putra World Trade Centre and presented a card to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi asking him to release the organisation's leaders detained under the Internal Security Act.

The card was delivered by Vwaishnnavi, the 5-year-old daughter of Hindraf leader in exile, P. Waythamoorthy. The group was led by Waythamoorthy's wife, K. Shanti.

About 20 bloggers also turned up at the open house, wearing T-shirts bearing the slogans "No to ISA" and "Free RPK", referring to the two-year detention order on Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

Both groups told journalists their sole intention was to send a message to Abdullah. They have been condemned for being "intimidating, disrespectful and inappropriate", with Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Shafie Apdal saying he would raise the matter in cabinet.

In Pasir Mas, independent MP Datuk Ibrahim Ali called on political parties and non-governmental organisations to stop pressuring the government to release the Hindraf leaders.

He said MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu and Hindraf should not get involved and let the government do its job.

"If the detainees are released following political interference, it will confirm allegations the ISA was being misused. Samy Vellu was a minister and he should know that the ISA is under the minister of home affairs. Even the prime minister cannot interfere."

Ibrahim was speaking at his Hari Raya open house at the Pasir Mas district hall. More than 5,000 constituents attended the event.

He warned that if Hindraf and other NGOs do not stop the pressure, he would use the Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Negara (Perkasa), which he heads, to counter their action.

"If these parties continue, we will organise a demonstration to show our displeasure. We are ready to fight off any interference in the administration of the country."


Umno adding to racial tension: Ex-minister

Kuala Lumpur - The former de facto law minister who quit in protest over recent Internal Security Act (ISA) arrests has criticised his own party, Umno, for contributing to racial tension in Malaysia.

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, who is rumoured to be thinking of leaving the ruling party, blamed a 'culture of fear' for the country's race relation problems.

He said that 'those with political power' had left race relations a sensitive issue even after 50 years of independence.

'When we face an issue, we cannot discuss it, we cannot debate it. We only use fear or we take to the streets. That is not the way things are done in a mature society,' he said.

The former minister in the Prime Minister's Department aired his views in an interview with the Chinese-language Sin Chew Daily, his most extensive since he resigned over recent arrests under the ISA.

The interview also came soon after Mr Zaid wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi arguing for the Act to be repealed.

In it, he accused his party of using race politics to win support.

'Umno feels that it is a party needed by the Malays. Umno leaders keep telling the Malays that they are constantly in danger and therefore need Umno,' he was quoted as saying by online news portal The Malaysian Insider.

'They always feel that only they know what is good for the Malays.'

Calling for more open debate on race issues, he said it was no longer necessary for 'one party to represent one race' anymore.

Mr Zaid himself has been at the centre of speculation that he would leave Umno for the opposition.

He did not comment on this in the Sin Chew Daily interview, but appeared to hint at it when speaking to the New Straits Times.

'I have given 20 years of my political life (to Umno) and I have got into a lot of difficulties because of my views, and not that I was disloyal,' he was quoted as saying.

'I have been suspended from the party for nothing and the latest, disqualified from running for (the Kota Baru) division election.

'So what do you want me to do if you are in my position?'


Isu Pahang: "Contempt Of Court", Adnan Yaakob Bakal Dipanggil Ke Mahkamah !!

Terbaru maklumat yang diterima, MB Pahang Dato' Nan dikatakan bakal dipanggil ke mahkamah pada 14 Oktober 2008 ini. Tindakan ini adalah berkaitan dengan isu "Saman RM60 Juta" yang dibuat oleh syarikat pembalakan Seruan Gemilang Makmur Sdn.Bhd (SGM. Adalah difahamkan MB Pahang itu bukan sahaja didapati "gagal" untuk membuat bayaran berkenaan malahan juga te;ah "menghina" mahkamah atas keputusan yang dibuat itu. Beliau tidak serius dan menganggap perkara yang telah diputuskan oleh mahkamah itu sekadar "main-main". Inilah dia mentaliti MB Pahang, Adnan Yaakob yang cukup dikenali sebagai "MB Samseng" itu. Susulan daripada keengganan belia mengambil berat perkara ini, maka pihak SGM telah mendapat perintah mahkamah untuk membawa MB Pahang itu ke mahkamah atas "contempt of court" iaitu keengganan membayar RM60 juta itu.

Tindakan membawa Adnan ke mahkamah adalah langkah terakhir untuk mengajar MB Pahang itu tentang undang-undang di Malaysia. Selama ini beliau menganggap bahawa perkara ini sekadar "membuang masa" beliau sahaja, dan beliau langsung tidak mahu mencari jalan untuk berbincang atau pun membuat bayaran secara beransur-ansur. Maka kini setelah jumlahnya mencecah sehinggan RM60 juta, beliau barulah sedar akan kesilapannya itu agaknya. Namun, jalan yang dicari untuk menggunakan duit kerajaan negeri bagi membayar saman tersebut sudah pasti menemui jalan buntu. Ini kerana kantung kerajaan negeri juga sudah semakin "sontok" sekarang ini. Mana mungkin beliau ingin mengambil wang rakyat untuk itu.

Adnan harus bertanggungjawab, kes pembalakan itu adalah membabitkan UMNO dan bukannya kerajaan negeri. Maka UMNO Pahang perlu melunaskan bayaran tersebut. Adnan dan kerajaan negeri hanya disabitkan kerana kapisiti beliau sebagai MB Pahang yang campurtangan atas urusan berkaitan. Adnan yang bertanggungjawab mengarahkan Pengarah Perhutanan Pahang untuk tidak mengeluarkan lesen yang dijanjikan kepada syarikat berkenaan. Lantaran itulah Adnan dipersalahkan, kerana engkar dengan perjanjian yang telah dibuat antara UMNO dan SGM. Harus diingat bahawa Adnan juga adalah Pengerusi Perhubungan UMNO Pahang. Maka itulah kes ini jadi bersabit antara kerajaan negeri dan parti UMNO. UMNO yang lakukan kesalahan, kerajaan negeri dikenakan tindakan saman. Sungguh bijak Adnan mentadbir negeri Pahang ini. Namun, sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, jatuh ke tanah jua akhirnya.

Maka sekarang, Adnan tidak boleh lari lagi dari kenyataan. Saman sudah dikeluarkan. Apa cara sekalipun beliau perlu mengarahkan UMNO Pahang membayar saman berkenaan. Tindakan menggunakan duit kerajaan negeri, pasti bakal mengundang padah yang lebih besar. Ini kerana, rakyat Pahang tidak boleh dipertanggungjawab atas segala bebanan yang dibuat oleh UMNO. Beliau harus mencari jalan lain bagi menggelakkan perkara yang lebih buruk berlaku, termasuk tindakan menyita harta-harta kerajaan negeri. Apakah beliau mahu ini terjadi atau membuat tindakan membayar saman berkenaan. Apapun, 14 Oktober ini Adnan perlu hadir ke mahkamah. Jika beliau gagal berbuat demikian pasti tindakan "waran tangkap" atau "sapina" akan dikeluarkan. Sungguh malang nasib rakyat Pahang mempunyai Menteri Besar seperti Adnan Yaakob ini. Semoga masa depan beliau untuk terus menerajui negeri ini akan terus "malap" dengan segala apa yang berlaku ini. Perubahan pasti akan berlaku jua akhirnya.

[Adnan mencipta sejarah sebagai MB Paling gagal mentadbir sesebuah kerajaan negeri. Beliau bukan sahaja gagal membendung "kes kecurian balak" yang menyebabkan negeri Pahang mengalami kerugian jutaan ringgit. Malahan kini, beliau juga berhadapan dengan tindakan saman kes "Balak" akibat penipuan perjanjian yang telah dibuat oleh beliau sendiri].

Esok UMNO Tanah Merah Mula Tangkap Hantu

TANAH MERAH: Masalah Umno bahagian Tanah Merah yang didakwa dicemari anggota "hantu" akan diselesaikan mulai esok apabila 115 cawangan di bahagian yang memulakan mesyuarat itu diminta mengemukakan cadangan sama ada mahu menolak atau sebaliknya keanggotaan individu terbabit.

Pengerusi Badan Perhubungan Umno Kelantan Tan Sri Annuar Musa berkata sekiranya keanggotaan seseorang itu diterima oleh cawangan terlibat bermakna mesyuarat cawangan boleh diadakan mengikut jadual yang ditetapkan.

"Kalau cawangan merasakan tidak puas hati dengan ahli-ahli itu (ahli hantu?) dia boleh kemukakan kepada mesyuarat untuk menolak atau menerima," katanya ketika ditemui di sini, hari ini.

Bahagian Tanah Merah menghadapi dilema berikutan dakwaan terdapat 3,000 orang anggota "hantu" yang tidak dikenali termasuk dari Sabah dan Sarawak.

Annuar berkata keputusan untuk menerima atau menolak seseorang anggota terletak pada cawangan itu sendiri bukannya ditentukan oleh bahagian atau Umno pusat.

"Kalau cawangan itu rasa boleh terima, ahli terbabit mesti diterima dan boleh mesyuarat sebagaimana ahli-ahli lain," katanya.

Beliau berkata dakwaan yang mengatakan terdapat anggota hantu di bahagian itu adalah tidak benar kerana keputusan sama ada seseorang itu anggota atau sebaliknya di sesuatu cawangan bergantung kepada cawangan terbabit.

Sehubungan dengan itu beliau menasihatkan semua pihak akur dengan arahan yang ditetapkan oleh perlembagaan parti dan tidak melakukan salah faham terhadap keanggotaan seseorang ahli.

Beliau turut meminta anggota supaya tidak melakukan perkara-perkara di luar batasan peraturan mesyuarat yang boleh menjejaskan perjalanan mesyuarat di cawangan terbabit.

"Badan Perhubungan Umno Kelantan akan memantau setiap mesyuarat yang diadakan nanti bagi memastikan perjalanan mesyuarat diadakan mengikut perlembagaan parti," katanya.

-mSTAR Online

TP - Buang masa... baik bubar terus... hantu hilang, parti hantu hilang, masalah terusss hilang...

Khak Ptuih..!

Muslim MP becomes justice minister

Britain's first Muslim minister, Shahid Malik, has been promoted to the department of justice as part of Gordon Brown's cabinet reshuffle.

The Dewsbury MP, who is currently a minister for international development, said he hoped to make Britain "a more just society" in his new role as a minister in the department for justice.

"While I have truly loved my international role working to deliver justice for the poorest around the world, I'm now relishing the opportunity to make Britain an even fairer and more just society for all its citizens," he said.

As an MP, Malik gained experience of violent youth crime in Britain when a teenager was murdered by a gang of young people in his constituency in May this year.

After the killing, the MP, who lives just a few minutes walk from the scene of the attack, called for "a change in society", warning that too many young people were adopting a culture where violence was an accepted part of life.

In another government move, Tom Harris, transport minister, has been sacked. The Glasgow South MP said: "Obviously I'm disappointed; I really enjoyed being a minister. But I was always realistic - ministerial jobs come and go, but the role of an MP is more important than any other. And of course I will continue to support the government from the backbenches."

The finishing touches to the government reshuffle are being announced over the weekend. The posts of immigration minister and police minister at the Home Office have yet to be filled.

A number of senior ministers have today been speaking out in support of Peter Mandelson, who has been brought back to the cabinet as business secretary.

Ed Miliband, who was appointed to the new post of Energy and Climate Change Secretary in yesterday's reshuffle, said Mandelson would make the government "stronger".

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme he said: "Peter Mandelson has people who like him and people who don't like him, but even his critics would accept that this is someone of immense talent and someone of even greater experience now that he has been the EU Trade Commissioner for three years."

Ed Balls, the schools secretary, described Mandelson's appointment as "the right thing to do".


Hari Raya di Kelantan: Lebuhraya empat lorong diperlukan

Catatan I

Boring! Boring! Boring! Kenapa tak boringnya. Semasa menghantar anak ke MRSM Kuala Krai mengambil masa 4 jam dari 1.30 petang hingga 5.45 petang dari Wakaf Bharu ke MRSM Kuala Krai (balik semula ke Wakaf Baru memakan masa dua jam) yang kebiasaannya hanya mengambil masa tiga jam pergi dan balik sejauh 80 km itu.

Kereta yang begitu banyak diatas jalanraya bermula dari Pekan Ketereh lagi sehinggalah ke Kuala Krai, ‘jem’ ‘jem’ ‘jem’. Begitulah keadaan kenderaan rakyat Kelantan hari ini (4 Syawal 1429/ 4 Oktober 2008) yang akan mula pulang ke tempat kerja masing-masing.

Dalam perjalanan, seorang kawan yang pulang ke KL menelefon, “aku dah tiga jam dari KB Ke Machang, tiga jam lagi nak sampai ke Kuala Krai, nampaknya tak jadi pulang ke KL, kena patah balik”, letih! letih!

Begitulah suasana rakyat Kelantan pulang berhari raya. Ada setengahnya bukan setakat pulang berhari tetapi mengambil peluang mengadakan walimatul urus, kenduri-kendara dan sebagainya.

Sudah sampai masanya kerajaan persekutuan membina jalanraya atau lebuhraya empat lorong dari Gua Musang ke Kota Bharu. Dengan pembinaan lebuhraya empat lorong dapat memberi peluang projek jutaan ringgit kepada kontraktor-kontraktor dan sekaligus menjana ekonomi masyarakat sekitar lebuhraya. Difahamkan jalanraya yang menghubungkan Gua Musang-Kota Bharu merupakan Jalan Persekutuan.

Catatan II

Semasa dalam perjalanan, kami buka radio Kelantan fm. Disamping maklumat disampaikan oleh DJ didendangkan juga lagu-lagu dikir barat sebagai menghibur halwa telinga diselang seli dengan ucapan Ketua Polis Kelantan, Datuk Rahim dan Pengarah JPJ kelantan, Encik Andul Ghani Kassim menyampaikan ucapan selamat hari raya kepada rakyat Kelantan perantauan disamping memberi peringatan supaya berhati-hati di jalanraya. Tetapi tiada kedengaran pula Ucapan Menteri Besar Kelantan, sepatutnya disiarkan juga ucapan Tok Guru tapi itulah radio Kelantan fm hak milik Kementerian Penerangan.

Tetapi dalam banyak pemanggil Kelantan fm (Kak We), ada seorang pemanggil yang menarik minat saya semasa memandu adalah seorang ibu dari Johor yang bersuamikan orang Kelantan setelah ditanya oleh DJ Kak We mengenai suasana berhari raya di Kelantan, Ibu tersebut berkata suasana di Kelantan berbeza dengan kampongnya di Johor dengan suasana ‘ziarah menziarahi’ keluarga, sahabat handai sehinggakan tiga anaknya tidak mahu balik ke Johor lagi.

Baginya ziarah menziarah di hari raya teramat meriah berbanding dengan suasana berhari raya di kampongnya di Johor.

Apa tak seronoknya, bagi kanak-kanak, setiap kali menziarahi keluarga, jiran atau keluarga sahabat handai, anak-anak memperolehi ‘duit raya’ paling kurang RM1 seorang.

Semasa hari raya di Kelantan, kanak-kanak adalah orang yang paling gembira kerana dapat mengumpul wang beratus-ratus ringgit. Mana ada suasana ini di negeri lain.

-jiwo kelate

Isu Penurunan Taraf Kepada Pemastautin Tetap Hanya Masalah Pentadbiran, Kata Najib

KOTA KINABALU, 4 Okt (Bernama) -- Timbalan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak berkata isu penurunan taraf seorang rakyat Sabah berketurunan Sino-Kadazan kepada status pemastautin tetap selepas beliau kehilangan kad pengenalannya hanya membabitkan masalah pentadbiran yang boleh diperbetulkan.

"Ia bukanlah menyentuh soal dasar, jadi apa juga kesilapan dari segi pentabbiran, boleh dibuat pembetulan. Kita tidak akan biarkan sesiapa jadi mangsa," katanya kepada pemberita selepas majlis ramah mesra Aidilfitri Timbalan Perdana Menteri bersama parti-parti komponen Barisan Nasional (BN) Sabah di sini malam ini.

Najib berkata demikian ketika diminta mengulas ketidakpuasan hati beberapa pemimpin BN Sabah berhubung perkara itu termasuk bekas Ketua Menteri Datuk Salleh Said Keruak yang meminta kerajaan Pusat supaya merombak dan melantik anak jati Sabah untuk menerajui Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) di Sabah.

Sebelum ini Parti Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Bersatu (UPKO) turut mengugut akan mengkaji semula kedudukannya dalam BN sekiranya perkara itu tidak diperbetulkan.

Timbalan Presiden UPKO Datuk Wilfred Bumburing membuat kenyataan itu minggu lepas selepas tidak berpuas hati dengan tindakan Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara yang mengeluarkan kad pengenalan merah sebagai ganti kepada seorang wanita tempatan di Penampang, yang hilang kad pengenalan birunya.

Is Zaid quitting Umno? Not yet, he says

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 4 — Former de facto Law Minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim says he is not quitting Umno just yet.

Zaid replied "not yet" in a text message response to a query from The Malaysian Insider asking him to confirm speculation that he would be quitting Umno to join Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).

He did not elaborate further on the matter.

But if the former minister does quit, it will certainly give the opposition bragging rights and refloat talk of cross overs.

PKR sources told The Malaysian Insider that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has been courting the prominent lawyer and intensified the overtures after Zaid resigned from the Cabinet last month.

PKR officials are certain that he will switch his political allegiance soon.

His friends in the legal community say that he has been disillusioned with the ruling party and is intrigued by Anwar's pledge to overhaul the race-based political system in Malaysia.

If Zaid does quit Umno as widely predicted, it will represent Anwar's biggest catch since claiming that he had "the numbers'' to force the collapse of the Barisan Nasional government and form the next administration.

If nothing else, the defection will be a public relations coup for the opposition leader, who has received negative press over his inability to make good on his promise of forming a new government by Sept 16. But Anwar will still be 31 MPs short of forcing a change in government. The reason: Zaid is a member of the Senate and not Dewan Rakyat.

Zaid's possible cross over will sting Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi more than Umno because it was the latter who appointed the maverick politician a senator and made him a minister after the March 8 general election.

Zaid quit the Cabinet after the government used the Internal Security Act on a journalist, an opposition politician and a blogger. He also said that he was disillusioned because of resistance he faced in the Cabinet when pushing for reforms to the judiciary, especially the setting up of the Judicial Appointments Commission.

In many ways, if he leaves Umno, it will not be surprising. He has pushed for more transparency; a review of the ISA; equality for all races and a complete overhaul of the beleaguered judiciary — issues which do not have much traction in the ruling party.

Also, party officials say that he was upset at the manner his supporters in the Kota Baru division were "blocked'' from nominating him to contest the top post in the division. The current division chief is Datuk Mohd Fatmi Che Salleh, political secretary to Datuk Seri Najib Razak.



Dunia kapitalis dalam krisis. Ini adalah berita yang menggumbirakan. Bank-bank kapitalis jatuh muflis. Ini berita yang menggumbirakan. Tiga syarikat kereta gergasi di Amerika tutup. Ini berita yang menggumbirakan. Semua jualan kereta dalam dunia jatuh ini berita yang menggumbirakan.

Saham-saham di pasaran bursa saham New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bombay, Singapura, Sydney, Seoul, Stockhom, Karachi, Kuala Lumpur jatuh – ini berita yang menggumbirakan.

Nilai dolar jatuh. Ini berita baik. Nilai yen jatuh. Ini berita baik. Nilai sterling jatuh. Ini berita baik.

Saya telah lama menunggu berita-berita ini. Malah telah meramalkan yang ianya pasti akan datang. Tidak adalah berita yang paling baik di hari raya ini melainkan berita yang melaporkan bursa saham New York telah jatuh 777 point.

Apabila kaum pemodal kapitalis dalam krisis maka terbukti jawapannya ialah pengunaan ekonomi sosialis. Sistem ekonomi sosialis mengajukan dasar memilik negarakan punca-punca ekonomi. Ini sedang dilakukan di negara yang paling kapitalis – Amerika Syarikat.

Dalam sistem ekonomi sosialis , daulah memainkan peranan yang penting. Ini sedang dilakukan oleh negara yang paling kapitalis – Amerika Syarikat. Sebanyak 700 bilion dolar dana negara telah di keluarkan untuk membantu bank-bank yang jatuh muflis.

Krisis ekonomi kapitalis hari ini lebih tenat dari zaman meleset 1929. Kalau dahulu ianya hanya melibatkan Amerika Syarikat sahaja tetapi kali ini ianya akan memporak perandakan seluruh dunia. Ekonomi kapitalis global sedang terancam.

Ekonomi kapitalis yang berasaskan keuntungan maksima perlu di kaji semula. Dalam keadaan krisis ini akan lahir suasana kemungkinan- kemungkinan baru. Krisis 1929 menimbulkan Perang Dunia ke Dua. Perang Dunia ke Dua melahirkan negara-negara sosialis di Eropah Timur. Kemungkinan-kemungkinan baru pasti muncul.

Dalam masa enam bulan ke hadapan ini Malaysia akan merasakan kesampaian zaman meleset ini. Permintaan barang-barang buatan Malaysia akan terhenti. Ini bemakna kilang dan gudang akan di tutup. Ini bermakna ramai pekerja akan hilang pekerjaan.

Kemungkinan-kemungkinan baru pasti akan muncul di Malaysia. Tata budaya politik dan ekonomi lama pasti akan di persoalkan. Struktur ekonomi kapitalis yang menjerat leher rakyat Malaysia selama ini wajib di persoalkan.

Ketika saya menulis ini – gerak langkah budaya ekonomi politik Amerika Latin sedang perlahan-lahan meninggalkan sistem ekonomi kapitalis. Negara-negara Amerika Latin telah mula menerima pakai beberapa konsep sistem ekonomi sosialis. Cuba dan Venezuala sedang menjadi pelopor dan contoh ekonomi sosialis di America Selatan

Tukar tiub akan cuba mencanai idea, pandangan dan arah garis budaya politik untuk melahirkan sebuah masyarakat Malaysia yang adil demokratik dan yang tidak semestinya berlandaskan sistem budaya ekonomi kapitalis.

-Tukar Tiub